About Us

We are a clean energy manufacturer and distributor focused on cookstoves, solar PV, LPG, and briquettes. Building on our extensive experience in both private and public sector domains, we have optimum experience in designing, advising, and implementing the energy needs of private and public clients. We are well-positioned to meet the challenges of clients looking to reduce energy usage, switch to clean energy and optimize available energy. With strong in-house engineering capability, partnerships with global players, and unmatched responsiveness, Sunvine designs and delivers high-quality energy projects in LPG, solar PV, clean cookstoves, and briquettes to its clients.

Value, Innovation, Excellence.

Clean energy & sustainability

Together, we believe we can help address the adverse effects of climate change among the rural, off-grid and often remote of the remote communities in East Africa

What We Do

1. Last Mile Distribution



With the rise in electricity costs, increased carbon footprints on charcoal and wood, Sunvine is offering a low-cost LPG gas program to selected areas as classified. Our focus is on the middle to low economy class - less than 3kg.



Sunvine distributes higher-tier cookstoves from Burn, Biolite, Envirofit, Ecomoto and Jikoleo to communities and women living in rural areas.



Sunvine offers special packaged non-carbonized briquettes to industrial clients requiring Hot Flue gas or Steam.

2. Solar PV

Sunvine Assesses sites, designs installs and conducts Follows on projects like solar mini-grids, solar rooftops, solar water heating, industrial scale solar, and Solar PV projects tailored to customer needs.

3. Manufacturing

industrial cookstoves 1

Social Institution Cookstoves

Sunvine conducts institution assessment, designs, fabricates, and installs social institution cookstoves for schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and the hotel industry.

photo work

Household Cookstoves

Sunvine designs and manufactures household targeted cookstoves under the brand name jikoleo for household use.

domestic cookstoves

LPG Table Top

In partnership with Autodesk Foundation and E4C, the company is targeting to design and manufacture LPG tabletop gas burners.

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Our Story

2014, Nairobi.
2015, Meru.
2017, Machakos.
2017, Sagana.
2018, Kakamega.
2019, Rift Valley.
2020, Western, North Eastern.
2021, PERU.
Mfg Institutional cookstoves.
Renewable Generation
Hydro - early phase consultancy & development.
Women group business platform idea was born.
Clean Energy Transition
ICS & Solar distribution.
Renewable Generation
Sagana Hydro 10 MW consultancy.
Distribution Clean Energy
1000 solar home systems, 2500 solar cookstoves.
Distribution Efficiency
Satellite offices open / increase sales force.
Accelerated Efforts
6000 cookstoves – carbon programs, 2000 solar sales KOSAP programs.
Seeking funding.

Clean Energy Distribution

Cook stoves

We transform families by helping them save more using ICS.

  • Save on forests-assist climate action agenda.
  • Provide safe cooking cooking.
  • Health benefits- reduced smoke-less chest and eyes complications.
cook stoves

Manufacturing Table Top D.B

With demand from over a database of 10,000 women, distributing LPG is a key concern. Manufacturing the table top targeted.

  • Field work agent set-up.
  • Distribution management.
  • MFG
table top

Water Storage

We integrate several models in approaching women. Storing water is a key concern of the global agenda on climate action.

  • Micro-financing.
  • Mfg and agent set up.

Solar Mini - Grids & SHS

Installation of photovoltaic power Systems on rooftops and at a smaller scale for self consumption.

  • EPC
  • Solar Home Systems distribution.

Impact Of Our Work

  • Access to clean, safe , affordable and reliable sources of energy.
  • Empowering women to access quality financial literacy and business acumen as agents and resellers of reliable energy.
  • Increased access to quality, safe, clean, affordable and reliable drinking water.
  • Improved quality of health care as a result of innovation on clean cooking, water storage, filtration and access
  • Increased climate resilience leading to sustainability in rural and off-grid communities.
  • Promoting access to rural access to education through energy access
  • Increased income for rural communities as they adopt use of clean technology for MSEs.
  • Over 4000 tones of carbon savings to date
  • Women empowerment through access to clean water, access to clean cooking and various climate change mitigation aspects.

On Going Projects


Briquette Solar Powered Cookstove For Institution-mfg

Cookstoves using firewood biomass must be gotten rid off. Sunvine Africa has designed a briquette solar powered cook-stove to reduce cutting down trees for fuel use.


LPG Gas Table Top Double Burner - Mfg

Having Designed a durable gas table top Double burner Sunvine Africa is banking on its huge customer database to increase access to clean gas cooking.


Industrial Briquette Energy Installations

Installation of energy systems powered by briquettes on industrial scale.

Where We Are Heading

Currently Growing Its Activities In Manufacturing Clean Cookstoves + Gas Table Top Burners

We look to manufacture more than 3000 cookstoves for institutions in the next 2 years. Manufacture and distribute more than 10,000 Gas table top burners in the next 2 years.

Grow Activities in Solar Installations

Mini-grids and Solar home systems installed help end users / government/private entities not to use petroleum based products like kerosene / diesel which are unsustainable. We look to install 2000 solar systems and operationalize 100 mini –grid systems in the next financial year.

Increase Activities in Water Storage + Filtration

Access to safe, clean and affordable water is a climate concern. We target to increase distribution / mfg of over 1000 water tanks / water containers / filters in the next 2 years